I am the Hostel

This post might seem funny to some, real and touching to others who have been in my shoes and have considered hostel not just a place to stay ,but their home. Its hard to understand for a non hostler that how emotionally we are adhered to our rooms and the walls of the hostel.So here is a poem i wrote when some of my good friends left the hostel…..if don’t like it at least respect it … 


Nd thr it stands strong……


Since ages I saw

people coming

and people leaving


I witnessed every being

No I am not just stones

I am alive

 I am the hostel

My walls painted with memories

and through my corridors

flows the wind of change


a silent spectator

embraced every one

who came to me

I provided them shelter


in return they loved me.

Yes, i cried

seeing you in pain

This is hw winters r here in hstl......hazy

and smiled

when you get the fame..

Yes, i was awake with you every night


slept in peace in your eyes.

Years passed

Seasons changed


amid darkness

I still stand still

to protect you,

I can’t speak

but i am not dead

I have seen the failures

and the success

and the tears

and the laughters

and i can remember each expression

and i can recall every face.

No I am not just stones

I am alive

I am the hostel.


3 thoughts on “I am the Hostel

    • dude, for scorpions i admit i had borrowed d line, as i couldnt think nything bettr….nd abt mentioning d stoned part….i just wrs….wrote wht cm in my mind…
      no extra effort…so slippd tht part

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