Facebook-Preparing for a bang

Most searched topic in recent days in Google search engine “GOOGLE PLUS(+)”….Yeah…
Visit any Tech Forum or a geek’s blog or any discussion…Latest trend’s to follow on Twitter…or What’s hot in social media…
Answer is one…GOOGLE +….
It’s popularity graph just after its launching has surpassed many social sites which are at a mature stage….By now there is a lot of stuff written and shared on blogs , news feed’s , on techie sites .. .which state both advantages and challenges of google+ .I am not mentioning here how good or bad google+ is, you can get it anywhere by now…My concern lies what will be the next big news which will undo the Google effect.
Will it be something from Facebook?
In fact Facebook is supposed to be most affected by Google+, Industry critics predicts worries for Facebook in future once Google+ will be available for everyone.
May be , Facebook will be in news all over by next weekend.
I am saying it because something is cooking up in Facebook’s Seattle office. Facebook has sent out invites for an event next week , where it will unveil a new product.
According to an anonymous source interviewed by Tech Crunch, Facebook is introducing video chats a logical extension to Facebook chat’s, powered by Skype. Chats will be browser-based with an inclusion of a desktop component.
Microsoft‘s interest , which also owns Skype , in Facebook is as old as since 2007, when it invested $240 million in the site.
For now we can just wait for rumors to go real and give us a good and strong reason, to not switch our social accounts on Google+,leaving Facebook..


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