Mumbai attacks: Behind the Scenes

Look around! All you will hear about is scams 2 G Scam, Commonwealth Scam, Adarsh housing Scam,….and many more.

But this time people are getting aware, thanks to Anna hazare ji and Baba Ramdev ,  Government has started taking Indian public seriously.Pressure on government has increased due to manifold reasons, BJP and other political parties crying out from one side, Leaders like Anna hazare from other, and Yogi turned social worker from the other

Amid this pressure on Indian government , is it possible, is there a chance, that these attacks are somewhat a brain-game of  our diplomats. I feel so,  ya I am not a critic, or a political figure to comment on it, but as an independent citizen i think i have rights to express my views.

Two train accidents on 11th July, Monday and three serial blasts just after 1 day on Wednesday, … it not possible  ,that this can be a stunt of our ruling government to divert the attentions of people away from its corrupt reputation, may be our government needed time to think for rebuilding its image, and for this it was necessary that people should have something to talk about , something different from scams, and corrupt nature of the ruling government, and what could be more better than attacks, people will now stay busy for at least a month or two, forgetting all the swindles.

Our honorable  Home minister, Mr. Chidambaram said, it was not an intelligence failure…Great…Than whose failure it was, Mine ,Yours, or of the  people those died that evening….When there is a political agenda , Mr Rahul gandhi , can be found in front, either eating lunch in a dalit’s house or going for a Pad Yatra, ….and now when country needs a convincing answer to this problem , he was found saying, We have stopped 99% attacks, due to improved intelligence but we cannot stop 1%, but we will fight and win.

What the fuck Mr gandhi, this is not Afghanistan where attacks are a common issue, we hardly have  1 or 2 big attacks in a year , and this was one of them, it was not to be counted in 1% , it was the 99%. I don’t no what to say, person like Digvijay singh says Kalmadi is innocent, should be released, Home minister says, not an Intelligence failure,  Rahul gandhi says,can’t stop 1%….In a country where such hypocrites are ruling , I doubt its future.

Despite our knowledge that Pakistan was involved in 2008 Mumbai attacks, no action has been taken yet,…you ask reasons and they will say, it’s the political matter , you will not understand…Arre we don’t want to understand, we just know we are being attacked again and again by our neighbor country and we are loosing our family, our people, and there should be an action and not talks, but these Vultures can’t see anything except money and power.

People need your view on this, I am not an expert to decide and conclude something, It’s all of us which can matter, so please comment and give your opinions so we can know what India think.


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