Sometimes we do things in life for which we always regret.

Even I did some , for which I still lament, I don’t have the courage to admit those mistakes here between every one, but I will always have a sense of guilt. so, these are the words which took shape of a poem , which I wrote evidently as  the result of sudden outburst  of my emotions. I always loved dreams, they let me imagine the world I always want, with no interference, they let me be myself .

So here it is,

The Dream is perfect,

Reality hurts.

It’s clear in dark,

In daylight,

the image is blurred .

I want to be in pain,

No remedy for this one.

No blames,

No explanations,

It’s good to be insane .

In a world of my own,

solving puzzles,


no, it’s not a hint,


might be the solution.


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