A Letter to “DARKNESS”

And in the Dusk hours , I feel paranoid, I sit and stare the Dark coming in, filling my room, through      my windows.Night and Nature

This might seem a whimsy idea to write a letter to darkness, but this is here I am writing it ,When an aunt of mine told me ” beta subh kam rat me nhi krte, kl subah krna( auspicious work should be done in morning and not in night) I felt like betrayed, no matter how modern we are, still people in middle class towns and villages have not changed with the pace, others have .We specially Indians have divided everything based on our myths and our unreasonable thinking.First we divided casts, than god’s and then nature by linking DARK to bad omens and wickedly acts.I am writing what I personally feel, hope you will find it interesting and reasonable.

Hey Dark,

Let’s be friends, I feel good in your company .This light is not trustworthy. I and light were friends since last twenty years and now she broke me into tears. I always ignored you, people say you are depressing but i found you interesting.I know you are never considered good and auspicious even our gods have deserted you.Actually this is our society which have portrayed you this way because they could not get your friendship, and jealousy is the mother to evilness.I promise not to abandon you in any case , also I will not ask you to be with me forever because, I know you will be standing their stiff , when i need you, like always.I have enough reasons to be happy which I want to share with you.Together let’s do something great filled with  goodness , to show how worthy you are and not just a medium to describe malignity.

Your true friend

No, I am not vampire or a night creature or a Psychotic, writing a post in favor of darkness, it’s just everything has two sides good and bad….everyone has blathered a lot about darkness, depicting it as an evil at times, but is it really true, I am not trying to prove anything, just writing what i feel about this strange phenomena of associating light or brightness with all auspicious things and darkness with all vicious acts.Why all metal bands are linked up to evil and dark, and why only goddess like Kali is related to dark and not goddess Lakshmi. According to economist Jason oliver, the strength of something being bad or good depends on situations, something bad may feel good under different circumstances and vice versa.

Without dark, light will have no meaning, after a long dark night ,morning seems brighter to us, what Image my meif there is no night, will morning and light will soothe us the same, I do not think so. Remember, in the hot desert with ample of light around , we are in search of a dark, cold place….we hate that light  then…(things are situational) . If their was no pain, can we have ever felt the real joy of happiness,no , never.We should thank dark for letting us feel the pleasure of light. At least Romans and Greeks have done it, they used to  worship goddess of night,  Nox( for Romans) and Nyx (for Greeks), and Nox and Nyx were having same place in their mythology as Saraswati and Lakshmi have in ours, than why us ,Indians, are still dwelling on myths , from our past. Everything in nature is equally important and should not be associated with any forms made by society.

People your independent views are welcome and will help to understand the subject and thinking of society in a much better way, so please feel free to do sensible comments.


4 thoughts on “A Letter to “DARKNESS”

  1. Well penned post 🙂 Love the idea of writing a letter to dark… Guess i could also come up with some ideas like these 🙂
    P.S: You have a nice blog though 🙂

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