Bewildered Soul

Using words like” Heaven” and “Paradise” to portray the beauty of these majestic snow peaks is a disgrace to its charm.

Being toGangotri-Gamukh Glacier is something that happens once in life.                                                                                                                   Though, I have tried to convey exactly what I felt, but I am sure, experience of being there, witnessing the awe of god, is something which I can never put into words.

The Lush greenness of the valley,

Bring out the spiritual in me


The deserted snow peaks,

Revealed the sadist in me.

I sat on a mountainy rock

And gazed at the Ganges

Flowing in the vale,

I never felt so paranoid

I never felt so betrayed.

Wild Beauty...

I passed through a forest

Covered with “Blue Pine”,


Glittering snow, over the peaks

Seemed so fine.

There was only joy

And no worries for tomorrow,

I sat till the dark

And the time was marrow.



I tried to understand,

Why this

Lifeless ambiance looks so charming

And why these stiff rocks seems so appealing.



It’s been a while

Since I am back from the magical Alps,

And still the coaxing voice of flowing water

Echoes in my ears,

And thought of bright clear sky

Bring me tears.


2 thoughts on “Bewildered Soul

  1. ‘I sat on a mountainy rock

    And gazed at the Ganges

    Flowing in the vale, Flowing in the vale,

    I never felt so paranoid”

    Kindly explain the philosophical aspect of the above mentioned four lines..

    Enlighten us Sir ! 😛

    PRECAUTIONARY WARNING:: Are you trying to put heavy words in your pieces for the sake of its upliftment ?

    P.S. —> “”Are your retarded ?”” can be my next question if you don’t answer the above mentioned Question !

  2. Dear Karan….Neither i am using heavy words in my pieces for sake of it’s upliftment nor i am retarded,,,it is just that sometime to explain what you feel, a right selection of words is very important…they can be simple or complex…to portray real seen which i saw…i was convinced to use these words…
    And the philosophical aspect….
    while on my way to gaumukh from gangotri…..i was tracking alone…as all my other friends were very ahead of me,,,,i was tired and was feeling devastated , i don’t know why,,,,,so i really sat on a rock….and looked at the beauty, and i really felt paranoid and betrayed…and i dnt think i can explain that feeling in words… still i tried…

    But apko to bs ungli krni hai….

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