Covered with the “WaLLS”

Let go your conscience and free your mind,wander in the world of unseen , above truth and lies.

I sat on the Roof,

Covered with the “walls”,

And us five, all stoned

Our minds covered with the “walls”.


I saw a caravan of motley thoughts,

passing by

And I wondered,

If they could drop me to the next stop.


I stood ,

On the verge of a “wall”

My conscious part,

Was convincing me to jump

And my too busy,

Dopey mind,

Was trying to save me.


I passed through streets and alleys,

Following a familiar voice

Faster I ran,

More I lacked behind


I started walking and then stopped.

There was no one around

I opened my eyes,

I was still sitting on the roof,

Covered with the “walls”.






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