Zeb & Haniya : A Talk With The Duo From Pakistan

It was time for Delhi to rock once again with the most awaited rock fest of the year, “South Asian Band Festival” Presented by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in collaboration with Ministry of External Affairs & SEHER, the three-day music festival, was in its fifth edition. The historical “Purana Qila “with its charming ambience once again entertained the audience and the participants.

Among several bands featured this year highlight of the festival was the girl-band of Zeb & Haniya from Pakistan who belong to the conflict-torn region of Pakistan – Peshawar. Pakistani duo, with their music influenced by the classical tradition of the Indian subcontinent, Latin and West African grooves, American folk and blues, and with their poignant, soulful, and emotive lyrics, hypnotized the audience. Their latest recordings have included songs in Turkish, Dari, and Pushto, and their music has been claimed by diverse audiences across West Asia.

I had a chat with the musicians about their performance in the country and their unique blend of music.

Note- Click the link below to view the full interview..


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