Just a Thought…..

Does any feeling called betrayal exist? Or is it just us who make it happen! Can any person deceive another or is it just a thought process?
Is it not us who let others play with our mind, sentiments, and then end up in shit? Or is it just our reaction to a situation that leads to chaos, creating an identity crisis at times? Don’t we care too much about world, about people around us?
The main question is, will people about whom we care so much, that we even change our preconceived notions for them, stop functioning without us ?
If the answer is” Yes,” then it is ok to feel betrayed because shit happens….
But if the answer is “No,” then why do we fuck with our life, our believes, for someone to whom our existence is nothing more than “just another of my species “.The interesting part is that in many cases, we know that we are jeopardizing our individuality, but we tend to carry it, thinking it is us who need to change. It’s like a boner, we know it won’t last longer, but we want to feel the damn thing at least till it last.
What about “I”? Does it exist anymore?
Some say it’s just a matter of time; it will go by and in the end no one, but whose beliefs are his actions will rise. But is it not, that during the journey, on the terminal of which only truth shall prevail, all entities including unacquainted souls who seek for wisdom, will be killed by the system, not physically but rationally. Will their heart look for happiness? Will they last till the last to receive the reward of their deeds?
“Or this is all nothing more than a sappy thought.”
People who feel sentiments like betrayal and perfidiousness, are losers, emotional bastards, impractical and if said in short, ”Dickheads”. They should have been tough, pragmatic, because life isn’t a box of chocolates.
To avoid this ambiguity of trust and identity crisis, one solution can be to live in one’s own den, with no human interaction, living with our own theories and ideas, short of a sociopath. But that is not practically possible (exempting exceptions), we are humans, we are social, we are people who can live with other people. Than what should be done?
The answer is nowhere, not even with the sages and saints who dwell away from social civilization. No one knows what lies in the womb of the future and let’s see how it unfolds.
But I am sure of one thing, “when Vanity prevails; no one will be exempted, but the one who is true to himself.”



“Your opinions will enlighten the subject….so please share whatever you feel…”


2 thoughts on “Just a Thought…..

  1. i like that term ’emotional bastards’… everybody knows a few people who deserve this… anyway..this is plain honest writing, boy… liked it. and this is truly the kind of writing that is written in a flow of emotions… when sentences are formed not after thinking, but just because you fingers are gliding over the keyboard.. good stuff!!

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