Venerating Shangri-La: Tales from the Mountains

Indian mountains has always been a source of deep thoughts and profound thinking for me,  journey to these sacred and mystical lands teach me a lot about life, believes, superstitions, rigidness, hollowness, happiness, destruction and other traits and emotions of human character which are not revealed here in big noisy cities which are so noisy that every voice can be heard easily except our own , on a similar quest to Yamnotri, I got a chance to stay with the villagers during my journey….And it was different from everything I have seen or felt till now…

In the holy land of gods

I wandered like a nomad

Absolute vanity,

Pierced my body and my soul

With the sword of fear,

Fear of death and of life.

The only gem in the necklace of mountains

Changed shape and colours

Sometimes an orange sun,

Sometimes an arched moon,

I also saw trees

Meditating in solitude from thousand years,

Away from the doomed civilisation,

And every night,

Ruined villages and poor villagers

Offered me the prosperity of their thoughts

And tales of sacredness,

I hopped from

Snow covered peaks

To the region of alpine trees

And to the deserted ranges of cactuses,

I also passed through

Streams, rivers, and waterfalls

And through lonely valleys

That might have attained Nirvana,

In the Promised Land

Journey was the destination,

Just the awe of god and his creation.


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