And the Show Ends……

It’s been 3 years when I first came to this college, college which will give me a degree in engineering, a job, and the opportunity to become a graduate. And finally it’s going to be over soon. The dream, world of imagination and exploration, time of introspection ,state of creation and destruction, crushed beliefs ,firm lies, small truths, starry happiness and heated sadness, all will end in a couple of months. For me and for many others it will be an end to a life or to a big phase of life, a golden phase, not that shiny though.

I was unfortunate to join the college in second year as I took admission as a lateral entry student, missing the 1 year show. Yeah, I would like to put these 3 years as a drama, play, like a show with lots of characters, and I being a keen observer. Hundreds of faces, numerous plots, striking performances, terrific scripts, it was a perfect blend of all. These 3 years were like a 3 hour movie or rather like a 3 connected parts of a big story, with chapters varying on several topics; friendship, honesty, hard work, love , betrayal, money, morals, good times, leadership, cowardice, weed, alcohol, drugs, girls, sex, religion, faith, every expression and element had a story, venues changed from a classroom to hostel mess, from fountain area to cafeteria , from playgrounds to hostel room’s, even character’s changed; seniors, juniors, colleague’ s, mess workers, guard’s, teachers, management people, hostel wardens , but what never changed was the theme of the play, and in fact it is the most important thing, the essence of the story should always be in the mind, so the plot revolved around the core idea, which was shades of life or I may put it as ‘Life of an engineer’.

Even there were times when performances were such brilliant, that I considered myself as a part of the cast who is playing the role of a spectator, obviously it was just my fantasy and nothing more but it lasted long, creating dilemmas, inducing situations where I started thinking that everything around me is real, all the pain, fun, sleepless nights, rains and getting drunk and all that crap, but it was just spectacular drama, a kind of which paralyse one’s own thoughts, sort of hypnotising and all.

First two parts of the show i.e. second year and third year (1st and 2nd in my case) were the longest, most beautiful, and romantic. I was in love with myself, with my life, with the characters and with their dialogues, sitting on hostel corridors on a windy summer evening planning about the unseen future, dreaming than debating about them, it all seemed so real that sometimes I thought that I am real, people around me are real, whole setup is true instead of a setup, it was so confusing at times and moreover I fall in love with this confusion, with the idea of being real.

Last part, the ending, conclusion of the show, moral of the story whatever you call it was the shortest but most complex, it was my last year. It came and went like a cool breeze, but left an after effect which is hard to undo. This part showcased the most important scenes, display of significant and vital thoughts, companies, placements, jobs, settled future, projects, good grades, exams, practical’s, teachers, students, colleague’s, friend’s all started to mean something, it was then I realized that I am not the part of the cast or of the show but just a spectator, part of the audience, a witness of my own emotions. And finally it was the last scene which was acted by all the characters, last exams after which everyone will fall apart, the show will end and the theatre will be closed for some time for maintenance, for preparations, for getting reopened with the new characters, new scenes, more interesting scripts, dialogues and plots, with new audience but one thing will remain same, theme, the essence of the play” Life of an Engineer”


One thought on “And the Show Ends……

  1. great ! ! i almost felt connected because my school life has also ended. . .exact words r used to express the ” LIFE OF ENGINEER” 🙂

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