Owners of the taste

Jam packed streets, some narrow lanes and trodden paths: this is all you have to cross in order to make your way to one of the most fine and still alien restaurant which is known for its Changezi chicken besides the other dishes.

I am talking about” Hotel Maidah,” located in crammed lanes of chooriwalan,near chawri bazaar in old Delhi. At first look it seemed like a compact setup, with hotel standing amid various buildings and shops, whole place divided in two by the cash counter in between But. ‘Salman  bhai’, my  host for the evening took me by surprise as he unveiled the history, he told that his father  Mr. Mohammed fazil ,started the place in early 90’s introducing the dish “Changezi Chicken” to the people of Delhi. Also dish was supposed to be invented during the rule  of changez Khan, and so was named “Changezi,” and is one of the mughalai styles of food. Famous “Chicken Changezi” outlets in daryaganz and lajpat nagar are their own ventures and successors of Hotel Maidah, he further added.

When heading to “Nai Sarak” from “Chawri bazaar” one has to walk 100 meters and take a right turn towards choori walan and then move straight, you will find “Hotel Maidah” or locals can be asked they know about it. The place is a real gem in solitude, isolated from the tourists and so called the elite customers; mainly catering the need of the individuals and natives by providing a nice place to sit and eat within affordable prices, Hotel Maidah is believed to be the descent of the one of the Delhi’s most sought out dish in chicken i.e. “Changezi chicken.

Hotel Maidah caters the taste buds of denizens of walled city; owner proudly acknowledges it. So I asked for quarter changezi and khamiri roti, a well known combination if you are a regular to changezi joints. In the meantime while my order was getting ready, Owner showed me the kitchen where all the delicious food was prepared and where the captivating smell and aroma were enough to accelerate my craving for the food. So finally the changezi chicken arrives in no time and I started gorging upon it reluctantly sharing it with my friend. The chicken was very well roasted and was close to divinity if I don’t exaggerate, giving serious competition to the big names .The most important part worth mentioning is gravy it was very spicy and little bit tangier than what you get at other places, chutney further contributes to it. On asking the recipe for the dish, Salman bhai shrugged and laughed saying it’s the only secret which he can’t share though he told that chicken is marinated one whole night and roasted at least for 1 hour before cooking.

Besides changezi there are other dishes too which cannot be overlooked ,which I promised myself and Salman bhai to feast on whenever I come back again to old Delhi or when my taste buds tickle for the unusual .

*Special Thanks to my friend Kapil who forced me to visit Hotel Maidah and also accompanied me.



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