Is a movie going on, Am I on the sets of a Hollywood film, “Sin City” , feel like that…!!!!

Everything so Cluttered,Scattered around me as if life is moving in slow action and I being a still spectator.I drove between the alleys on either side of which large buildings housed the dreams of several thousands, Corporate offices of some of the biggies.

Its 02:00 clock in the night , drizzling, I am driving  at a turtle’s speed , somewhere in a sheltered corner under a tree, few men are having tea by the fireside with the” chaiwala “indulged in some self explanatory talk.

A girl with fair skin, straight hairs, specs, is probably out for a tea break and is moving towards the Tea joint. She has  a Cigarette,unlit, but still she held it between her fingers, girl is wearing a black skirt and a white shirt.

By now I have passed by the straight road , running adjacent to the building from the gates of which the girl appeared. Girl and the Tea joint , both are out of my sight now, I am still riding at a speed of 20 KMPH, I crossed the Red Light and headed to my Place.

Another Strange Night is over for me…Another strange day is waiting…


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